Anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal protection

Innovative Residual Antimicrobial Solutions To Protect Our Environment From The Spread Of Harmful Microorganisms

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Revolutionary Residual Antimicrobial Technology

Zoono is a water based liquid product that once dry delivers an antimicrobial invisible coating on any surface.  In an age where antibiotics are failing – Zoono technology provides environmental antimicrobial protection that is safe and has a toxicity similar to Vitamin C.

Zoono provides Anti-bacterial, Anti-viral, Anti-fungal, Anti-algal and Yeasticidal protection.  Surfaces that become contaminated with harmful pathogens are protected for up to 30 days depending on the environment. This significantly reduces the spread of infection as the environment is acknowledged as a source of infection.  The difference between Zoono and conventional disinfectants is that it continues to be active for extended periods of time whereas conventional technologies are only effective at point of use.

Once Zoono is applied by simple wiping, spraying or fogging it leaves behind an invisible molecular layer of antimicrobial spikes.  These molecules are complex silicon polymers bound to the surface by stable covalent bonding very similar to water proofing products with the exception that it is antimicrobial.  Pathogens are killed by being pierced and disrupted by a physicochemical process, rupturing cells and disrupting proteins.  The pathogen is lysed (piercing the cell wall) and inactivated (broken up)  as part of a lethal process rendering the pathogen incapable of causing infection. This significantly reduces the potential for cross infection, providing a safer environment.

Zoono technology can also be applied to the skin providing up to 24 hour antimicrobial protection even with repeated conventional hand-washing.  The residual antimicrobial surface protection is also persistent i.e. not removed during conventional cleaning, which is important to remove soil and providing an aesthetically clean environment and for the biocide to function.  The technology has been tested against numerous pathogens and test data is available in request.  Zoono has been distributed in over 40 countries and we strive to ensure that products are compliant with both global and local regulations.

Zoono has multiple applications in any business area too numerous to mention.  Because it is an antimicrobial technology it can be used in environments where surfaces are in constant contact with people and animals.  The reduction of infection is the ultimate goal to save lives, reduce harm and even absenteeism from a financial aspect in the work place.  This is a technology that plays an important role and hugely supplements other infection prevention practices.  Zoono can also be used on equipment and if applied by the recommended technology, electrical equipment can be treated.

Zoono is also highly effective in the prevention of mould, algal  and bacterial bio-films.